I love talking about front-end development.

My whole career has been a love fest with the front-end world, and I will gladly talk about any aspect of development with anyone who will listen. Specifically, here are some talks I'm giving now or have given in the past.

The Landscape of Front-End Testing

You may have heard developers say that testing your code is a best practice. But what kinds of testing are they talking about? From unit and acceptance testings, to code linting, visual regression testing and more, it may be difficult to sort out which kind of testing is right for your team or project.

Building Up Without Burning Out

Our industry flaunts burnout like some bizarre badge of honor. Many believe it’s the only way to prove you’re dedicated to your trade, or that advancing your technical knowledge can only be achieved by living with little sleep and ignoring other responsibilities. It’s what creates bias towards those who have families, other hobbies, or even those with mental issues who need time for self care.

So how do you advance your development knowledge without wearing yourself out?

Front-End Developers Can Make Games, Too!

We’ve seen front-end technologies advance in ways that have opened a world of possibilities for building websites and applications. But what happens when we take these technologies and use them for something different – something like building games? Most developers are focusing on using canvas to build games, but let’s think outside of that box for a bit. How can we leverage the latest and greatest of CSS3, along with with a powerful tool like a CSS-preprocessor, to build games using nothing more than CSS, JS, and HTML? And why would you even want to do that? This talk will walk through how to utilize different parts of the web development stack to make their own games, as well as discuss why it’s important to bring games to the web.

Upcoming Conferences


October 5-6, Amsterdam

Frontend Connect

October 22-23, Warsaw

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Past Conferences

Web Unleashed

October 2016, Toronto

CSS Dev Conf

October 2016, San Antonio

Web Directions Code

July 2016, Sydney

Web Directions Code

August 2016, Melbourne

Render Conf

April 2016, Oxford

O'Reilly Fluent Conf

March 2016, San Francisco

Sass Summit 2015

November 2015, Virtual

UpFront Conf

May 2015, Manchester City

Javascript Summit

February 2015, Virtual

CSS Dev Conf

October 2014, New Orleans